Transepidermal Drug Delivery
Microneedle are positioned in microfabriced array, when inserted into the skin, they pierce the stratum corneum and create microconduits for transport across the stratum corneum. There are three routes of penetration of drug delivery using micro needle therapy. Penetration of needles rejuvenates the matrix within the skin layers to produce healthy collagen and elastin. Microneedles can be painlessly inserted into the skin of subjects and their use does not need any expertise.


How to use the Micro Needle Roller
1. Cleanse Face/ Areas to be treated. Apply it in the horizontal, vertical, diagonal direction in entire face area.

2. Apply Serum/ Solutions/ Pure Vitamins Aqua& Roll the micro needle roller over the skin back and forth servral times in different directions. Do not press too hard as it is not necessary for sucess. As a general guide, roll it over the area to be treated 10 times or 2~3 minutes.

3. After treatment, please protect you skin with Sun Block, try to refrain from cosmetics and make-up for 2~3 days.; the skin is regenerating new recovery from the dermil and stimulating collagen production naturally.